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Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer...

Or to be more accurate, Spooky the glowing-antlered non-reindeer.
Yesterday, while visiting my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving, they told us that they had seen a deer with glowing antlers.
It was a week or so ago, and they were watching the deer at the feeder. They live in a sort-of country area, so they get a nice little herd of deer. This time they noticed one that wasn't from their usual herd.
At first they thought he was a mule deer because he seemed to have the big ule deer ears, but when they got the binoculars they found that he has low, sort of flattish antlers.
It was evening, getting dark, and the deer's antlers seemed to be shining. They assumed it was just the setting sun shining on them, until the deer moved into the shade of the trees. His antlers were actually glowing.
They said that he didn't stay long but they could tell his antlers were glowing VERY brightly, though I don't think they mentioned if they were glowing any sort of color or just white.
They haven't seen him since and they didn't have time to get their camera, so alas, no pictures.

So, can anyone tell me what would cause a deer to have glow-in-the-dark antlers?
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The Cheese Family, part 1: Decisions, decisions.

Well, I've started a new Legacy family on the fast computer. :) My mutated sense of humor, and the fact that I created the sim at 3 AM, resulted in the name 'Velveeta Cheese' for her. She's very pretty, I think, and my only dilemma right now is whether to marry the cute townie, or the fireman who arrived when she burned her very first meal. She lives in Veronaville, so I hope to get some different townies and NPCs than the norm.

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I feel like I should say something about the Harry Potter movie.

Seems like lots of people are being bitchity about Sirius and Remus not being 'pretty' enough.

Well, I like them.

Sirius is hot. And when he's not being screechy his voice is lovely. Perfect casting in my mind. Yes, so he has bad teeth. Big deal. I haven't actually much to say about him. Odd, that.

Remus... well, I can't quite get past that STUPID FREAKING MUSTACHE. I hate mustaches in general, so when I saw him with one my reaction was not pleasant. I don't know why I hate mustaches, I have no weird past incidents that I know of, but dammit I hate them.

Ok, ok, I'll drop it.

He was almost as well-cast as Sirius. He's not really meant to be attractive, since he is supposed to be a very worn out werewolf, but I thought he was cute (once I got past the mustache - OK, STOP THROWING THINGS) and very sweet. He interacted nicely with all the other characters, he fit the character well. And WOW. His EYES. I'm willing to bet those are contacts. I've never seen eyes that blue in real life.

The werewolf: It wasn't the way the werewolf was portrayed in the book. However, it was a very interesting looking werewolf and I could see it being really cool if the book wolf wasn't, well, just a wolf. The transformation sequence freaked me out. I have one rule about movies: If the character you like is about to regrow his head, grow back burnt off flesh, or transform into a werewolf, LOOK AWAY. Well, I didn't. And I remembered why I MADE that rule.

I didn't even notice the marauders weren't mentioned. I can explain this by saying that I was in and out of the theater every few minutes (being female sucks, let's leave it there.) and assumed they explained while I was away.

I did notice the Firebolt was moved to the end of the movie, and pointed it out to my friend who went to the movie with me. She's read books one and two, but not three. That, along with the missing Draco and Co. as fake Dementors scene, kind of annoyed me.

On Wormtail's appearance: i just kinda took the rattiness thing as 'Wow, he's been a rat too long'. I don't remember how he was described in the book, and assumed that he only looked like a giant rat because he was in rat form for so long.

I really need to re-read my books, but I lent them to my aunt and haven't gotten them back

And I just realized I said next to nothing about the actual movie. It was good. I followed what was going on easily enough even though I was in and out of the theater.

I was delighted by the complicated little time-travel bit. I like that sort of thing. Buckbeak was lovely. I wanted to hug him. Malfoy was sufficiently slimey. Snape made me melt and lose all brain function, as always.

I didn't like the scene with the Boggart. Well, to be more clear, I didn't like the bit where it turned into the moon. Snape in a dress was priceless. The spider was funny. But the moon was too 'LOOK! I AM A MOON!' for me. In the book it was described as being a mottled yellowish ball, if I recall correctly. No clouds and flying bats and stuff. (No, I didn't see bats in the movie. But you know they'd have put it in if they thought of it.)

The Knight Bus was too cool for words.

I really really loved the Hogwarts Choir when they first got there. At first I thought they were singing in latin and then I recognized 'Double Double Toil and Trouble' and started giggling. I'm planning to buy the soundtrack just for that.

Can't think of much else.
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Yeah, I'm doing the 'Put playlist on random, list your favorite line from the first 25 or 50 songs.' thing. Because of my amazing(ly big) collection of music, I did the first 50.

If you can name all the songs, I'll draw you a request on OekakiCentral. If you can guess my favorite of these lines, I'll draw you a request on OekakiCentral.

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The land where the pencils live.

I have found that mystical, magical place where all the mechanical pencils I buy disappear to.

My sewing bag.

I have this spiffy fabric bag with wood supports that opens and closes so I can either carry it or leave it open standing up. I keep my cross-stitch and needlepoint projects in it and usually leave it open at the end of my bed.

Today I went hunting for a new needle for the crane-in-front-of-sunset needlepoint I'm working on and found three mechanical pencils and two lead refill containers hiding in the folded instructions. Yay!

Unfortunately, I had to use a really pointy needle and now I'm scared of stabbing myself.

In other news, I tried to draw Abe Sapien today. The end result was really more like some sort of mutated spork creature. I'll keep working on that.

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